Meet Sloos

Saving Goes Social

Life’s short. Live your free time to the fullest with Sloos – the app that uncovers the best food, drinks, and experiences around, while saving you money. Enjoy your favorite places for less (and discover new ones) with real-time offers, events, and specials sent  to your phone.

Have an Android?

Have an Android?

About Sloos

Sloos makes it a cinch to keep tabs on the hottest happenings nearby. Local specials are sent to your phone in real-time – just tap to enjoy. Plus, our activity feed lets you view offers and specials as they’re posted so you can follow your favorite spots or discover new ones.

About Sloos

Sloos’s free app makes saving social via a steady stream of local specials delivered right to your fingertips. Find and follow dining spots, coffee shops, corner bistros, neighborhood bars and everything in between. Like an offer you see? Just view and claim with a tap to enjoy. Plus, our live activity feed lets you search for what’s happening and view offers and specials as they’re posted. Just another way we make sure you never miss a thing.

Here’s how it works.


Turn on your location access to see what’s happening nearby. Want more details? Simply click on the gems.


Found a deal (or several) you dig? Just reserve with a tap, gather your friends, and head out to redeem and enjoy!


Follow your favorite spots and find new ones. The more venues you add, the more specials and events you’ll uncover.


Our optional rating system gives you a chance to tell each venue how they did. Just another way we make sure you’re living your best life.

From celebrity chefs to BOGO martinis, karaoke nights to Taco Tuesdays – if you’re craving it, we’ll uncover it.


Your burning questions, answered.

No! It’s completely free. Isn’t it beautiful?

We’re currently focused on the tri-state area but will be expanding to other cities soon!
Absolutely zero limits. Reserve as many as you can claim. How cool is that?!
You must be present to redeem an offer you’ve reserved. Offers are non-transferrable and require your phone at the point of sale to complete the process.
The offer simply expires. We encourage you to only claim offers you actually intend to redeem so the maximum number of people can take advantage of the deals.
This is your chance to tell each venue what they’re doing right and what they can improve. Just another way we make sure you’re getting the best possible offers every single time.

Tell them about us! Encourage them to visit to learn how Sloos benefits their business. From there, they can download our app from the App Store, create a venue profile, and start generating offers.

Let’s find some gems.

Let’s find
some gems.